Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Local Craft Fair

Sorry about the lateness of the Monday post. Blogger screwed up and didn't post any of my blogs this week as scheduled. I don't know why but trying to figure it out. I will be playing catch up for a bit. Being sick I didn't notice until today. :( I hope you enjoy them anyway.

Hello wonderful readers. I hope everyone had a HAPPY SAMHAIN!!!

Today I want to show you pictures of the craft fair I went to this weekend. I know Mondays are usually for my crafts but I figured what could be craftier than a CRAFT FAIR!?!?! (This post was scheduled to post on Monday and didn't for whatever reason. This week will be off a bit)

Before anyone local starts yellin at me I didn't say I wasn't going to go to the craft fair. I said I wasn't getting up at 7am on Saturday to go to the craft fair :D

So let's take a look at the day

The craft fair is held in the gym of our local high school. The school holds it to raise money for the chorus, which is singing the whole time and they sound GREAT!!

I love these mushrooms!!

 These were baby items wrapped up like cupcakes! You can order some by emailing Carolyn or Kila Kletnieks at

Giant Christmas things!! They were very pretty even though I'm not sure what they were. lol

The next 2 pictures are from a booth with the coolest things! He has the marshmellow guns and dragons seen in the pics, but he also has jewelry with bugs and flowers inside glass. I wish the pics of those had come out. ou should have seen them!! His name is Justin Miller and can be reached at if you want to contact him for purchases!!

 These next pictures are at a booth where the guy made EVERYTHING out of wood and license plates. REALLY NEAT!! His name is R.D. Derrow and everything is made with original plates. He can be reached at 540.432.9608 for orders :)

These were some sort of guitar things made out of cans and sticks.

These two wooden boxes were made by Baskets by Bonnie (540.330.8895)

So that was the craft fair. It was fun. Not as many good vendors this year as last year, but still pretty good. I can't wait for the one in December. I haven't made it to that one before and I am looking forward to seeing some new people and hopefully some crafts I want to spend money on!! I did find a couple of vendors (Personalized Gifts, Treasures in My Home, and Kay's Unique Gifts) at this show that I absolutely adored, and will be featuring their shops on my next couple of Friday Product Pimpin blogs :) See you there!

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(¸.•´ (¸.•`*SANDI
Crafts by Sandi @ Etsy
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Return from Beyond the Computer!!!

Hello my lovely readers! as most of you know these past few weeks the blog has been all but abandoned to get ready for the pagan pride event here. This past week has been recovery. Next week we will be back on track with wonderful posts for you to read!! Until then here are some past posts you can enjoy!

Here are some cute pictures!

 Have a great weekend everyone! HAPPY SAMHAIN/HALLOWEEN!!! See you next week :)
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(¸.•´ (¸.•`*SANDI
Crafts by Sandi @ Etsy
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Roanoke Pagan Pride Day & My T.A.R.D.I.S

Hello my lovely witch friends!! I have missed you all!! We have spent the last few weeks here getting ready for Pagan Pride Day. We made a killing, ended up on the news, and now VERY EXHAUSTED. Here are the pics from our day!!

 Our booth! I'm working on tweaking a few things about the shop. The name is one. It is now Crafts by Sandi: The Enchanted Garden. The sign had glitter on it, which looked really cute in person. However, in pictures it just looks plain and dirty :(
Our candle table!
 Our wood and glass craft table!

 The back of the booth and our money/raffle table with my minions! Muahahaha!
Our herb, oil, and sugars table
 The booth in front of us
 The booth next to us! I'm getting my banner from the same place they did!! She said it was CHEAP!
 Charity booth. They had several causes there
 The booth on the other side of us.
 Guided meditation
 The guy in front of us played the harp and sang through out the day. it was awesome, and brought business to our booth!!

 The Welcome table
 My wonderful minions!!

 Those are some of the pics from the day. The entire event was sponsored by a viking community. They were raising money to build a viking longhouse village just outside of Roanoke. It was an awesome day. Oh, and before I go I wanted to let you all know that apparently I am also part clown. Here is a picture of the vehicle we brought all of our stuff to the festival in:

OH YEAH!! All in all the day was fun. We made a boat load of money, and got a little free advertising. And Lance collected so much loot he shouldn't want anything else for a looong time... except that he's 16. Lol!

Have you been to a pagan pride event? What did you think about yours?

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(¸.•´ (¸.•`*SANDI
Crafts by Sandi @ Etsy
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